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Applying IEEE 802.1p BA Classifiers to Ethernet VPLS Over ATM

You can apply an IEEE 802.1p behavior aggregate (BA) classifier to VPLS in a bridged Ethernet over ATM environment using ATM (RFC 1483) encapsulation. This extracts the Layer 2 (frame level) IEEE 802.1p information from the cells arriving on the ATM interface. Note that the interface must be configured for the Ethernet VPLS service over ATM links.

This example applies the classifier atm-ether-vpls-classifier to an ATM interface using ether-vpls-over-atm-llc encapsulation. This is not a complete CoS configuration example.

You must configure a routing instance for the VPLS as well:

The Layer 2 VPN classification on an ATM interface is limited to the Layer 2 granularity, not to each separate VLAN/VPLS instance. In other words, all of the VLAN/VPLS packets arriving on an ATM virtual circuit are classified by a single IEEE 802.1p classifier. The individual flow of each VLAN cannot be identified at this level.