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Assigning Forwarding Class and DSCP Value for Routing Engine-Generated Traffic

You can set the forwarding class and differentiated service code point (DSCP) value for traffic originating in the Routing Engine. To configure forwarding class and DSCP values that apply to Routing Engine–generated traffic only, apply an output filter to the loopback (lo.0) interface and set the appropriate forwarding class and DSCP bit configuration for various protocols. For example, you can set the DSCP value on OSPF packets that originate in the Routing Engine to 10 and assign them to the AF (assured forwarding) forwarding class while the DSCP value on ping packets are set to 0 and use forwarding class BE (best effort).

This particular classification ability applies to packets generated by the Routing Engine only.

The following example assigns Routing Engine sourced ping packets (using ICMP) a DSCP value of 38 and a forwarding class of af17, OSPF packets a DSCP value of 12 and a forwarding class of af11, and BGP packets (using TCP ) a DSCP value of 10 and a forwarding class of af16.


This is not a complete router configuration. You still have to assign resources to the queues, configure the routing protocols, addresses, and so on.