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BA Classifiers and ToS Translation Tables

On some PICs, the behavior aggregate (BA) translation tables are included for every logical interface (unit) protocol family configured on the logical interface. The proper default translation table is active even if you do not include any explicit translation tables. You can display the current translation table values with the show class-of-service classifiers command.

On Juniper Networks M40e, M120, M320 Multiservice Edge Routers, and T Series Core Routers with Enhanced IQ (IQE) PICs, or on any router or switch with IQ2 or Enhanced IQ2 (IQ2E) PICs, you can replace the type-of-service (ToS) bit value on the incoming packet header on a logical interface with a user-defined value. The new ToS value is used for all class-of-service processing and is applied before any other class-of-service or firewall treatment of the packet. The PIC uses the translation-table statement to determine the new ToS bit values.

You can configure a physical interface (port) or logical interface (unit) with up to three translation tables. For example, you can configure a port or unit with BA classification for IPv4 DSCP, IPv6 DSCP, and MPLS EXP. The number of frame relay data-link connection identifiers (DLCIs) (units) that you can configure on each PIC varies based on the number and type of BA classification tables configured on the interfaces.