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Example: Assigning a Forwarding Class to an Interface

This example shows how to assign a forwarding class to an interface.


No special configuration beyond device initialization is required before configuring this feature.


On a device, you can configure fixed classification on a logical interface by specifying a forwarding class to be applied to all packets received by the logical interface, regardless of the packet contents.

In this example, you configure class of service, create interface ge-3/0/0 unit 0 and then set the forwarding class to assured-forwarding.

All packets coming into the device from the ge-3/0/0 unit 0 interface are assigned to the assured-forwarding forwarding class.



Step-by-Step Procedure

The following example requires you to navigate various levels in the configuration hierarchy. For instructions on how to do that, see Using the CLI Editor in Configuration Mode in the Junos OS CLI User Guide.

To assign a forwarding class to an interface:

  1. Configure class of service and assign the interface.

  2. Specify the forwarding class.

  3. If you are done configuring the device, commit the configuration.


To verify the configuration is working properly, enter the show class-of-service command.