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Adaptive Shaping Overview

You can use adaptive shaping to limit the bandwidth of traffic flowing on a Frame Relay logical interface. If you configure and apply adaptive shaping, the device checks the backward explicit congestion notification (BECN) bit within the last inbound (ingress) packet received on the interface.


Adaptive shaping is not available on SRX5600 and SRX5800 devices.

To configure an adaptive shaper, include the adaptive-shaper statement at the [edit class-of-service] hierarchy level:

The trigger type can be BECN only. If the last ingress packet on the logical interface has its BECN bit set to 1, the output queues on the logical interface are shaped according to the associated shaping rate.

The associated shaping rate can be a percentage of the available interface bandwidth from 0 through 100 percent. Alternatively, you can configure the shaping rate to be an absolute peak rate, in bits per second (bps) from 3200 through 32,000,000,000 bps. You can specify the value either as a complete decimal number or as a decimal number followed by the abbreviation K (1000), M (1,000,000), or G (1,000,000,000).