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Hierarchy Level


Share the available bandwidth and burst size of a device’s PICs by defining rate limiter profiles and applying them in AppQoS rules.


  • rate-limiter-name—Name of the rate limiter. It is applied in AppQoS rules to share device resources based on quality-of-service requirements.

    The combination of rate limiting parameters, namely bandwidth- limit and burst-size-limit rate limit, make up the rate limiter profile. A maximum of 16 profiles are allowed per device. The same profile can be used by multiple rate limiters. For example, a profile with a bandwidth-limit of 200 Kbps and a burst-limit of 130,000 bytes, could be used in several rate limiters.

    A maximum of 1000 rate limiters can be created. Rate limiters are defined for the device, and are assigned in rules in a rule set. A single rate limiter can be used multiple times within the same rule set. However, the rate limiter cannot be used in another rule set.

  • bandwidth-limit value-in-Kbps—Maximum number of kilobits to be transmitted per second for this rate limiter. Up to 2 GB of bandwidth can be provisioned among multiple rate limiters to share the resource proportionally.

  • burst-size-limit value-in-bytes—Maximum number of bytes to be transferred in a single burst or time-slice. This limit ensures that a high-priority transmission does not keep a lower priority transmission from transmitting.


The number of bandwidth-limit and burst-size-limit combinations cannot exceed 16.

Required Privilege Level

security—To view this statement in the configuration.

security-control—To add this statement to the configuration.

Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 11.4.

Support at the following hierarchy levels introduced in Junos OS Release 19.3R1: [edit logical-systems logical-system-name class-of-service application-traffic-control], and [edit tenants tenant-name class-of-service application-traffic-control].