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dscp-ipv6 (CoS Rewrite Rules)


Hierarchy Level


For IPv6 traffic, apply a DSCP rewrite rule.

Logical interfaces do not support multiple dscp-ipv6 rewrite rules for the same protocol.

DSCP and DSCP IPv6 rewrite rules are supported on M Series and T Series routers when non-queuing PICs are installed, but are disabled when queuing PICs are installed with the following exceptions:

  • On M320 routers, DSCP rewrite is supported on IQ, IQ2, IQE, and IQ2E PICs when used with the Enhanced III FPC.

  • On M120 routers, DSCP rewrite is supported on IQ, IQ2, IQE, and IQ2E PICs.

DSCP and DCSP IPv6 rewrite rules are supported on MIC and MPC interfaces on MX Series routers.

DSCP rewrite rules are not supported on T Series routers when IQ, IQ2, IQE, IQ2E, SONET/SDH OC48/STM16 IQE, or PD-5-10XGE-SFPP PICs are installed.



Name of a rewrite-rules mapping configured at the [edit class-of-service rewrite-rules dscp-ipv6] hierarchy level.


Default mapping.

protocol mpls

(Optional for ingress MPLS tunnel nodes) For interfaces on MX Series routers or hosted on Enhanced III FPCs in M120 or M320 routers only, rewrite the MPLS EXP bits in the MPLS header independently of the IPv6 DSCP value for IPv6 packets entering an MPLS tunnel.

Required Privilege Level

interface—To view this statement in the configuration.

interface-control—To add this statement to the configuration.

Release Information

Statement introduced before Junos OS Release 7.4.

Support for protocol mpls option introduced in Junos OS Release 10.4R2.