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Configuring CoS (J-Web Procedure)

The Class of Service Configuration pages allow you to configure the Junos CoS components. You can configure forwarding classes for transmitting packets, define which packets are placed into each output queue, and schedule the transmission service level for each queue. After defining the CoS components you must assign classifiers to the required physical and logical interfaces.

Using the Class of Service Configuration pages, you can configure various CoS components individually or in combination to define particular CoS services.

To configure CoS components :

  1. In the J-Web interface, select Configure>Class of Service.
  2. On the Class of Service Configuration page, select one of the following options depending on the CoS component that you want to define. Enter information into the pages as described in the respective table:
    • To define or edit CoS value aliases, select CoS Value Aliases .

    • To define or edit forwarding classes and assign queues, select Forwarding Classes.

    • To define or edit classifiers, select Classifiers .

    • To define or edit rewrite rules, select Rewrite Rules.

    • To define or edit schedulers, select Schedulers.

    • To define or edit virtual channel groups, select Interface Associations.

  3. Click Apply after completing configuration on any Configuration page.