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Line Card Upgrade Using Junos Continuity Software Overview

You can deploy new line cards on a router by installing Junos Continuity software, a software package that enables a router to support new hardware. With Junos Continuity, you can deploy new line cards without the need to upgrade Junos OS. You can just install the Junos Continuity Plug-in and bring the line cards online. Without Junos Continuity, you must upgrade Junos OS to support a new line card. You can bring the new line card online by using the request chassis fpc slot-number online command.

Because Junos OS upgrade is not required, this method of upgrading line hardware helps faster deployment of the new line cards and eliminates the time required for software release requalification. To support new hardware, you only need to install the Junos Continuity software package that is specific to the new hardware that you want to install.


If graceful Routing Engine switchover (GRES) is enabled, you must install the Junos Continuity software package on both the primary and the backup Routing Engines to ensure that the line cards remain operational after a Routing Engine switchover.