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MX Series Router Cloud CPE Services End-To-End Solution Architecture

Figure 1 shows the overall cCPE architecture.

Figure 1: MX Series Router Cloud CPE ArchitectureMX Series Router Cloud CPE Architecture

In Figure 1, one subscriber has two VPN sites (Site A and Site C) with Internet access. A second subscriber (Site B) has a single VPN site with Internet access. The network consists of MX Series routers providing Layer 2 or Layer 3 connectivity (Internet and VPN access) to the CPEs at the subscriber sites. The cCPE context for each subscriber site is implemented by a routing instance to provide separate routing, DHCP, SNMP, and other services to each subscriber site. Layer 3 connectivity, including NAT for Internet access, and stateful firewalls is implemented by Multiservice-Dense Port Concentrator (MS-DPC) interfaces in the router.

You can use the cCPE Selfcare application to provision and manage cCPE services. The cCPE Selfcare application runs on the Junos Space Network Management Platform. Optionally, you can use Junos Space Services Activation Director to provision the network, create subscriber sites, and associate Layer 3 VPN services with subscribers. If you use Junos Space Services Activation Director, the cCPE Selfcare application can import customers and their associated network inventory (interfaces on the router connecting to subscriber sites) from Junos Space Services Activation Director. Otherwise, the cCPE Selfcare application provides its own API to enable importing this information from your OSS.

In addition to inventory management functions, the cCPE Selfcare application implements monitoring and service change APIs that enable service providers to integrate their OSS.

The cCPE Selfcare Web portal provides management and monitoring capabilities for enterprise business customers. Using the Web portal, authorized administrators can change certain configuration parameters and view states and statistics for their cCPE resources. For security purposes, the cCPE Selfcare portal exposes only configuration capabilities that are safely changed by the end subscriber; changing the configuration does not affect other cCPE subscribers.