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show configuration



Display the configuration that currently is running on the router or switch, which is the last committed configuration.



Display the entire configuration.


(Optional) Display one of the following hierarchies in a configuration. (Each statement-path option has additional suboptions not described here. See the appropriate user guide or EX Series switch documentation for more information.)

  • access—Network access configuration.

  • access-profile—Access profile configuration.

  • accounting-options—Accounting data configuration.

  • applications—Applications defined by protocol characteristics.

  • apply-groups—Groups from which configuration data is inherited.

  • chassis—Chassis configuration.

  • chassis network-services—Current running mode.

  • class-of-service—Class-of-service configuration.

  • diameter—Diameter base protocol layer configuration.

  • ethernet-switching-options—(EX Series switch only) Ethernet switching configuration.

  • event-options—Event processing configuration.

  • firewall—Firewall configuration.

  • forwarding-options—Options that control packet sampling.

  • groups—Configuration groups.

  • interfaces—Interface configuration.

  • jsrc—JSRC partition configuration.

  • jsrc-partition—JSRC partition configuration.

  • logical-systems—Logical system configuration.

  • poe—(EX Series switch only) Power over Ethernet configuration.

  • policy-options—Routing policy option configuration.

  • protocols—Routing protocol configuration.

  • routing-instances—Routing instance configuration.

  • routing-options—Protocol-independent routing option configuration.

  • security—Security configuration.

  • services—Service PIC applications configuration.

  • snmp—Simple Network Management Protocol configuration.

  • system—System parameters configuration.

  • virtual-chassis—(EX Series switch only) Virtual Chassis configuration.

  • vlans—(EX Series switch only) VLAN configuration.

Additional Information

The portions of the configuration that you can view depend on the user class that you belong to and the corresponding permissions. If you do not have permission to view a portion of the configuration, the text ACCESS-DENIED is substituted for that portion of the configuration. If you do not have permission to view authentication keys and passwords in the configuration, because the secret permission bit is not set for your user account, the text SECRET-DATA is substituted for that portion of the configuration. If an identifier in the configuration contains a space, the identifier is displayed in quotation marks.

Likewise, when you issue the show configuration command with the | display set pipe option to view the configuration as set commands, those portions of the configuration that you do not have permissions to view are substituted with the text ACCESS-DENIED.

Required Privilege Level

view—To execute the command in the CLI mode. In addition to view, to display the contents under a configuration hierarchy, user should have the required privilege level to view the configuration under that configuration hierarchy.

Output Fields

This command displays information about the current running configuration.

Sample Output

show configuration

show configuration policy-options

Release Information

Command introduced before Junos OS Release 7.4.