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traceoptions (Analytics Agent)


Hierarchy Level


Configure tracing operations for Network Telemetry Framework (NTF) agent. You can specify the name of the file where the NTF agent log messages are stored. You can also specify a severity level for messages to be logged. The severity level that you configure depends on the issue that you are trying to resolve. In some cases you might be interested in seeing all messages relevant to the logged event, so you specify trace. As levels become more restrictive, fewer messages are logged.


Although the syntax uses the keyword flag, its function in this statement corresponds to the level keyword used for other traceoptions statements.


file filename

Name of the file to receive the output of the tracing operation. The file is stored in the /var/log/ directory of your device.

  • Default: ntf-agent

flag (debug | error | info | trace)

Specify the severity level for messages to be logged. The order of severity, from most to least severe is as follows:

error > info > debug > trace

  • debug—Match debug messages.

  • error—Match error messages. This is the most restrictive level.

  • info—Match informational messages.

  • trace—Match all messages.

  • Default: error

Required Privilege Level


Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 18.3R1.