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Hierarchy Level


Set system-wide tracing options for Junos OS Evolved. Tracing is a process about getting information regarding a program's execution. A programmer adds specific code to a program, called a tracepoint, which when enabled triggers a log event, which gives the programmer visibility into how the program is executing.



Name of the application for which tracing should be applied. You can see a list of the applications for Junos OS Evolved by issuing the show system applications command. If you want to enable tracing for all applications, use the value all.

enabled (on | off)

Enter on to enable or off to to disable. This option has two locations in the hierarchy, one for enabling or disabling an entire group, and one for enabling or disabling specific tracepoints.

group group-name

The name of the trace group for which the configuration should be applied.

level level

Trace level of the application. The following levels are available, listed in the order of highest severity first:

  • emergency—Trace emergency messages (system is unusable).

  • alert—Trace alert messages (take immediate action).

  • critical—Trace critical conditions.

  • error—Trace error conditions.

  • warning—Trace warning conditions.

  • notice—Trace normal but significant conditions.

  • info—Trace informational messages.

  • debug—Trace debug messages.

You can configure the application’s level here. The program determines the level of the tracepoints. If the application's level is at least as inclusive as (that is, the same as or of higher severity) the tracepoint's level, then the trace event is able to fire. If the application's level is less inclusive (of lower severity) than the tracepoint's level, then the trace event is not able to fire.

The default trace level is info.

node node-name

Name of a node. Node names can be re0, re1, fpc0, fpc1, and so on, depending on the system.

tracepoint tracepoint-name

Name of a tracepoint. A tracepoint is an event in the program, which can give the developer visibility into how the program is executing.

Required Privilege Level


Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Evolved 18.2R1.