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Hierarchy Level


Specify a unique tag group identifier to create your own application group based on the application attributes. Application group allows you to associate a related applications under a single name for simplified, consistent reuse when using any application services.

For example: If you want to group application traffic for web or remote access, you can specify respective tags as follows:

You can use the application groups as match condition when defining security policies.



A unique tag group identifier


Application tag to configure the application group.

(Supported tags available in the latest version of application signature) - basic, networking, email, webmail, im_mc, chat, audio_chat, video_chat, file_transfer, social_network, voip, web, web_search, web_ecom, web_sites, mobile, p2p, file_mngt, db, enterprise, update, gaming, aaa, remote_access, mm_streaming, vpn_tun, cdn, news_portal, classified_ads, advertising, analytics, adult_content, anonymizer, blog, forum, standardized, scada, iot, cloud_services, dea_mail, ebook_reader, transportation, cryptocurrency, map_service, crowdfunding, speedtest, payment_service

Required Privilege Level


Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Relesae 21.1R1.