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load-balance-stateful (Aggregated Ethernet Interfaces)


Hierarchy Level


Define the capability to perform uniform load balancing and also perform rebalancing is introduced on MX Series routers with MPCs, except MPC3Es and MPC4Es. Rebalancing is not supported when load-balancing is skewed or distorted owing to a change in the number of flows. The mechanism to record and retain states for the flows and distribute the traffic load accordingly is added. As a result, for m number of flows, they are distributed among n member links of a LAG bundle or among the unilist of next-hops in an ECMP link. This method of splitting the load among member links is called stateful load balancing and it uses 5-tuple information (source and destination addresses, protocol, source and destination ports). Such a method can be mapped directly to the flows, or to a precompute hash based on certain fields in the flow. As a result, the deviation observed on each child link is reduced.



Define the stateful load-distribution mechanism for traffic flows on aggregated Ethernet interfaces.

Required Privilege Level

interface—To view this statement in the configuration.

interface-control—To add this statement to the configuration.

Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 13.2R1.