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start (Scripts)


Hierarchy Level


Configure options to control script execution.


Junos devices do not enforce script start options for remote op scripts, which are executed using the op url command. Script start options are enforced only for local op scripts.


If you do not configure start options for an individual script or script type, the device does not perform any system resource checks before executing a script.


mem-factor percentage

System memory usage threshold, specified as a percentage, above which a script does not execute.

You can configure the statement for op, event, SNMP, and Juniper Extension Toolkit (JET) scripts. You can apply the statement to an individual script or to all scripts of a given script type. If you define different thresholds for the script type and an individual script of the same type, the configuration for the individual script takes precedence.

If a device prevents the execution of a script, the cscript process records system log messages in the log file. The CLI does not issue any warning or error that the script was halted.

  • Range: 1 through 100


For JET applications, the mem-factor and daemonize statements are mutually exclusive.

Required Privilege Level

maintenance—To view or add this statement in the configuration.

Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 22.4R1.

Statement introduced in Junos OS Evolved Release 23.1R1.