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post-convergence-lfa (Protocols OSPF)


Hierarchy Level


Configure the installation of backup-paths that follow the post-convergence paths corresponding to the failure of this interface.



Enable fate-sharing protection. A list of fate-sharing groups are configured on each point of local repair (PLR) with the links in each fate-sharing group identified by their respective IP addresses. The PLR associates a cost with each fate-sharing group. The fate-sharing-aware post-convergence path is computed by assuming that the cost of each link in the same fate-sharing group as the failed link has increased the cost associated with that group.


Enable node protection mode for topology-independent loop-free alternate (TI-LFA) routes for OSPF.


Enable a node-protecting post-convergence backup path to be computed for all primary next-hops using this interface. Configure the cost of all the links used for calculating the TI-LFA post-convergence failure path cost. If node protection is enabled without configuring a cost value, then the cost is set to the maximum cost or default value of 65535.

  • Default: 65535

  • Range: 1 through 65535


Enable Shared Risk Link Group (SRLG) protection in an OSPFv2 network if you want OSPFv2 to choose a fast reroute path that does not include SRLG links in the topology-independent loop-free alternate (TI-LFA) backup paths. If you have configured fate-sharing-protection in addition to srlg-protection then both costs are added to the link metric to calculate the final TI-LFA backup path. These links have a higher metric cost and therefore TI-LFA backup computation enables OSPFv2 to avoid these links.

Required Privilege Level


Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 18.2R1 for MX Series, PTX Series, and QFX Series.

fate-sharing-protection option introduced in Junos OS release 20.3R1 for MX Series and PTX Series.

srlg-protection option introduced in Junos OS release 20.3R1 for MX Series and PTX Series.