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nas-port-type (Subscriber Management)


Hierarchy Level


Specify the port type used to authenticate subscribers. The router includes the port type in RADIUS attribute 61 (NAS-Port-Type attribute).


This statement is ignored if the ethernet-port-type-virtual statement is included in the same access profile.


The router uses a port type of ethernet.


port-type—One of the following port types:

  • value—A value from 0-65535

  • adsl-cap—Asymmetric DSL, carrierless amplitude phase (CAP) modulation

  • adsl-dmt— Asymmetric DSL, discrete multitone (DMT)

  • async—Asynchronous

  • cable—Cable

  • ethernet—Ethernet

  • fddi—Fiber Distributed Data Interface

  • g3-fax—G.3 Fax

  • hdlc-clear-channel—HDLC Clear Channel

  • iapp—Inter-Access Point Protocol (IAPP)

  • idsl—ISDN DSL

  • isdn-sync—ISDN Synchronous

  • isdn-v110—ISDN Async V.110

  • isdn-v120—ISDN Async V.120

  • piafs—Personal Handyphone System (PHS) Internet Access Forum Standard

  • sdsl—Symmetric DSL

  • sync—Synchronous

  • token-ring—Token Ring

  • virtual—Virtual

  • wireless—Other wireless

  • wireless-1x-ev—Wireless 1xEV

  • wireless-cdma2000—Wireless code division multiple access (CDMA) 2000

  • wireless-ieee80211—Wireless 802.11

  • wireless-umts—Wireless universal mobile telecommunications system (UMTS)

  • x25—X.25

  • x75—X.75

  • xdsl—DSL of unknown type

Required Privilege Level

admin—To view this statement in the configuration.

admin-control—To add this statement to the configuration.

Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 11.4.