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Hierarchy Level


Set the maximum number of FCoE initialization protocol (FIP) session logins permitted on a Node device. (This is the combined total of all VN2VF_Port and VN2VN_Port sessions on the Node device.)

On a QFX3500 switch, the max-login-sessions-per-node command sets the maximum FIP session login limit for all of the FC fabrics configured on the device. The combined number of FIP sessions on all FC fabrics on the device should not exceed this limit.

On a QFabric system, the max-login-sessions-per-node command globally sets the maximum FIP session login limit for each QFabric system Node device in the QFabric system. For example, if you set the Node limit to 2000 login sessions, then each QFabric Node device supports up to 2000 FIP login sessions. The total configured maximum number of login sessions of all of the FC fabrics on a Node device should not exceed the Node session limit.


FIP login session limits configured at the FC fabric level or at the FC fabric interface level might limit a Node device to fewer total sessions than the configured Node limit.


max-login-sessions-per-node—Maximum number of FIP login sessions.

  • Range: 128 through 2500

  • Default: 2500

Required Privilege Level

storage—To view this statement in the—To add this statement to the configuration.

Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 12.2.