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Hierarchy Level


Specify the regular expression that the attribute must match.

After this criterion and the other match criteria specified for the TDF domain or PCEF profile selection term are matched, the specified TDF domain or PCEF profile is selected.

Table 1: Regular Expression Operators for the matches Statement
Operator Matches

. (period)

One instance of any character except the space.

* (asterisk)

Zero or more instances of the immediately preceding term.

+ (plus sign)

One or more instances of the immediately preceding term.

? (question mark)

Zero or one instance of the immediately preceding term.

| (pipe)

One of the terms that appears on either side of the pipe operator.

! (exclamation point)

Any string except the one specified by the expression when the exclamation point appears at the start of the expression. Use of the exclamation point is specific to Junos OS.

^ (caret)

Start of a line when the caret appears outside square brackets.

One instance of any character that does not follow it within square brackets when the caret is the first character inside square brackets.

$ (dollar sign)

End of a line.

[ ] (paired square brackets)

One instance of one of the enclosed alphanumeric characters. To indicate a range of characters, use a hyphen ( - ) to separate the beginning and ending characters of the range. For example, [a-z0-9] matches any letter or number.

( ) (paired parentheses)

One instance of the evaluated value of the enclosed term. Parentheses are used to indicate the order of evaluation in the regular expression.



Regular expression to match.

The remaining statements are explained separately. See CLI Explorer.

Required Privilege Level

unified-edge—To view this statement in the configuration.

unified-edge-control—To add this statement to the configuration.

Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 16.1.