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ether-type (Chassis FPC)


Hierarchy Level


Add or remove a custom EtherType value in the ternary content addressable memory (TCAM) table of EtherType values for a specified FPC slot number on the device.

Ethernet frame headers contain an EtherType field (two octets in length) to identify the protocol in the frame's payload so that a receiving device knows how to process the Layer 2 traffic. The device maintains a list of the default EtherType values in TCAM on each FPC on the device for fast access. Use this statement to configure a custom EtherType value in TCAM on a particular FPC in place of the default value at the specified index in the TCAM table.

For example, to replace the default value in TCAM on FCP 0 at index 24 with EtherType value 0x8890:


This command doesn't check for or prevent you from adding duplicate values.

The device retains the default values stored at each index. If you set a custom EtherType value and then delete that configuration item, the device restores the default value for that index.

To remove a custom setting, delete the configuration item using the index where you configured the custom EtherType. You don't need to specify the EtherType value you set at that index. For example:

The default EtherType values in TCAM might differ across Junos OS releases and device types. Enter the show chassis fpc ether-types command to see the default and active EtherType values on one or all FPCs on the device. If you configured a custom value at a particular index, the ACTIVE column shows that value instead of the default value.

Some EtherType values are reserved, and you can't change or configure those values. For those values, the show chassis fpc ether-types command displays NO in the CONFIGURABLE output column for the corresponding index. Reserved values are stored at TCAM indexes 0-5 and 28-31, so you can only configure custom values at indexes 6 through 27.



(Required) EtherTypes TCAM table index where you want to replace the default EtherType value with a new EtherType value. The TCAM table can hold up to 32 EtherType entries, but ten locations (0-5 and 28-31) are reserved for default EtherTypes that can't be reconfigured.

  • Range: 6-27


(Required) EtherType value in hexadecimal format (0xnnnn) that you want to add at index in the EtherTypes TCAM table.

Reserved EtherTypes that you can't change in TCAM include:

  • 0x0800—IPv4
  • 0x86DD—IPv6
  • 0x0806—ARP
  • 0x88CC—LLDP
  • 0x8809—LACP
  • 0x8035—Reverse Address Resolution Protocol (RARP)
  • 0x8100—VLAN-tagged frames for customer VLANs
  • 0x88a8—Service VLAN tagged frames for provider bridging
  • 0x9100—VLAN-tagged frames with double tagging for Q-in-Q tunneling
  • 0x9200—VLAN-tagged frames with triple tagging

Required Privilege Level

interface—To view this statement in the configuration.

interface-control—To add this statement to the configuration.

Release Information

Introduced in Junos OS Release 21.1R1.