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Hierarchy Level


Enable egress chaining for devices that support a maximum of two labels push at the ingress. You can configure egress chaining to implement more than two labels push using a composite next hop at the egress and pass a pointer from the ingress to the egress about the location of its label stack. Route pointing to this next hop chain can be IPv4, IPV6, or an MPLS label (binding segment ID).

  • Label push at the egress should ensure that they are pushed ahead of any other labels programmed at the egress.

  • Egress chaining is possible for one chain only. Any more composite next hops after egress chaining are flattened into forwarding next hops.

  • Junos OS release 20.4R1 supports only a single egress chain.



Enable egress chaining for segment routing traffic-engineered (SPRING-TE) routes.

When you configure the spring-te, you set the egress chain flag in the SPRING-TE route’s next hop. This enables installation of a composite next hop in the egress Packet Forwarding Engine (PFE).


Ensure that you do not resolve the SPRING-TE route further over another composite next hop when the spring-te option is enabled.

Required Privilege Level


Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 20.4R1.