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Hierarchy Level


Selectively enable or disable dynamic load balancing based on rdma-opcode match or any match available in firewall filters. Available for INET, INET6, and ethernet-switching firewall filter families, the mode of selective dynamic load balancing depends on the global dynamic load balancing setting, which could be per per packet mode, flowlet mode, or assigned-flow mode. Read Dynamic Load Balancing to learn more about these modes. Take for example the following configuration. The first configuration statement sets the global dynamic load balancing mode to per packet. Only those packets with rdma-opcode as 10 are matched, and dynamically load balanced on a per packet mode. Non-matching packets are load-balanced using static load balancing.

The aforementioned configuration is a way to have dynamic load balancing enabled globally and dynamic load balancing enabled using firewall filters. There is also a way to disable dynamic load balancing globally, and yet achieve selective dynamic load balancing. The following is the configuration to achieve this. In the first line, the configuration statement configures the mode of dynamic load balancing, which in this example is per-packet. The second configuration statement disables dynamic load balancing globally for all ether types. Packets with rdma-opcode as 10 will undergo selective dynamic load balancing while non-matching packets will not undergo dynamic load balancing because dynamic load balancing is disabled globally.

Setting the global configuration statement is important - set forwarding-options enhanced-hash-key ecmp-dlb per-packet|flowlet|assigned-flow. Otherwise even if selective dynamic load balancing is configured, it will not be active; packets will be statically load balanced, because the global configuration is absent.

Also configure the UDF profile to enable UDF and RDMA Opcode match - set system packet-forwarding-options firewall profiles inet | ethernet-switching udf-profile udf-profile1 | udf-profile2. Use show pfe filter hw profile-info to view the supported pre-defined set of match conditions associated with udf-profile1 and udf-profile2.


  1. enable - Enable dynamic load balancing

  2. disable- Disable dynamic load balancing

Required Privilege Level

firewall - To view this statement in the configuration

firewall-control - To add this statement to the configuration

Release Information

Statement released in Junos OS EVO 22.2X100-D20