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dynamic (Source Packet Routing)


Hierarchy Level


Enable dynamic computation of segment routing label-switched paths (LSPs) based on tunnel destination and translation service to fetch the corresponding segment identifiers (SIDs).


When the dynamic statement is enabled, all the next hops must have an IP address assigned as a minimum configuration. In the case of segment-lists, if a next hop has both IP address and label configured, then the configured label is retained.

  • Because translation service use IGP instance of traffic-engineered database (TED), you must include the igp-topology statement at the [edit protocols isis traffic-engineering] hierarchy level for successful translation.

  • The auto-translation and dynamic statements are mutually exclusive, and only either of them can be configured under a segment-list.



(Optional) Ensures a protected adjacency SID is used for the links of the LSP.


(Optional) Ensures an unprotected adjacency SID is used for the links of the LSP.


(Optional) Enabled translation to fail if the specified type of adjacency SID cannot be found for a link. This option does not have effect on node SIDs.

Required Privilege Level


Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 19.2R1.