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Hierarchy Level


Specify the behavior for IRB interfaces defined as default gateways in an EVPN fabric.

In an EVPN-VXLAN environment with multihoming, you might use multiple EVPN routing instances on peer provider edge (PE) devices that share an Ethernet segment (ES). When you configure anycast gateways with this statement, we don’t support mixing the default behavior (same as the advertise option) with the no-gateway-community option on the links that participate in the same ES.

As a result, if you configure the default-gateway statement with the no-gateway-community option in any EVPN routing instances on any peer PE device that share an ES, you must configure this statement:

  • In all the routing instances that share the ES on a PE device,

  • On all the peer PE devices that share the ES,

  • Only with either the "no-gateway-community" option or the "do-not-advertise" option.


advertise Advertise the default gateway MAC address. This is the default behavior.
do-not-advertise Don't advertise the default gateway MAC address.
no-gateway-community Advertise virtual gateway addresses and IRB MAC addresses to EVPN peer devices so that Ethernet-only PE devices learn those MAC addresses.