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console (System Logging)


Hierarchy Level


Configure the logging of system messages to the system console. Log messages include priority information, which is information about log messages’ facility and severity levels.



Class (type) of messages to log. To specify multiple classes, include multiple facility severity statements.


Severity of the messages that belong to the facility specified by the paired facility name. Messages with severities of the specified level and higher are logged. You can specify the minimum severity level of a message.


For a list of the facilities and message severities, see Junos OS System Logging Facilities.

application-status (any | error)

(Junos OS Evolved) Enable logging of application start or stop status. During system reboot, by default, the systemd process logs messages for applications to the journal log. By default, application stop and start status are written to the journal log. Only application stop and start errors are logged to the console.

This configuration statement allows each application's stop and start application status logs to be logged to the console. You configure the any option to allow all systemd application stop and start messages to be written to the console, not just error messages. You configure the error option to return to the default setting.

Required Privilege Level

system—To view this statement in the configuration.

system-control—To add this statement to the configuration.

Release Information

Statement introduced before Junos OS Release 7.4.

application-status option introduced in Junos OS Evolved 23.1R1.