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code-point (Output Congestion Notification)


Hierarchy Level


Specify the IEEE 802.1p code point bits that identify the traffic you want to enable for priority-based flow control (PFC) pause.


By default, IEEE 802.1p priorities 3 and 4 (code points 011 and 100, respectively) are enabled for PFC pause on all Ethernet interfaces. If you explicitly configure priorities to pause and the output queues on which to enable pause, the explicit configuration overrides the default configuration. When you apply an explicit output congestion notification profile to an interface, only the priorities and queues specified in the output congestion notification profile are enabled for pause on that interface.

For example, if you configure an output congestion notification profile that specifies priority 2 (code point 010), then traffic with IEEE 802.1p priority 2 is paused on the configured output queue during periods of congestion. However, traffic with priority  3 and priority 4 is not programmed to pause, because the explicit configuration overwrites the default configuration, and the explicit configuration does not pause priority  3 and priority 4. If you configure an explicit output congestion notification profile, all of the priorities you want to enable for PFC and all of the output queues you want to pause must be explicitly configured.


code-point-bits—3-bit value in decimal form.

The remaining statements are described separately.

Required Privilege Level

interfaces—To view this statement in the configuration.

interface-control—To add this statement to the configuration.

Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 12.3.