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Hierarchy Level


In SRX chassis cluster mode, split brain caused by redundant failover is triggered due to Routing Engine busy related to CPU overhead causing SRX HA cluster resiliency. To analyze CPU load, Reswatchd is a process running on Linux, Routing Engine3, and Routing Engine2 to collect and monitor the resource usage data. You can generate CPU load statistics report to analyze the system load (resource assignment and Junos kernel usage). You can enable statistics function through CLI to log CPU usage every second and generate a statistics report. This feature is supported on chassis standalone mode to monitor Routing Engine CPU usage and Junos kernel usage and is disabled by default.

Resource availability is classified to three zones:

For RE2, the threshold values are:

  • Green: CPU idle > 20%

  • Orange: CPU idle <= 15%

  • Red: CPU idle <= 5% or Junos Kernel load >= 50%

For RE3, the threshold values are:

  • Green: CPU idle > 10%

  • Orange: CPU idle <= 10%

  • Red: CPU idle <= 3% or Junos Kernel load >= 50%



Display CPU load statistics report. When enable CPU statistics, reswatchd logs CPU idle values /var/log/reswatch_CPU_statistics_[1-5] in .csv format.

  • Range: 0-604800 seconds.

  • Values:

    • 0—Disable


Display Junos kernel statistics report. When enable Junos Kernel statistics, reswatchd logs Junos Kernel usage values at /var/log/reswatch_JK_statistics_[1-5] in .csv format.

  • Range: 0-604800 seconds.

  • Values:

    • 0—Disable


Enable orange zone.


Specify orange zone value (CPU idle %)

  • Default: 20

  • Range: 1-99


Specify red zone value (CPU idle %).

  • Default: 10

  • Range: 1-99


Enable red zone.


Specify red zone value (Junos load %)

  • Default: 50

  • Range: 1-99


Enable red zone snmp.


Enable resource watch.

Required Privilege Level

interface—To view this statement in the configuration.

interface-control—To add this statement to the configuration.

Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS release 20.4R1.