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attributes (Access-Line Rate Adjustment)


Hierarchy Level


Selects the set of access line attributes (TLVs) that is saved and processed when the router receives both DSL TLVs and PON TLVs in ANCP port status messages or in PPPoE-IA tags. The default line type is PON. You select the dsl options to prefer the DSL TLVs. For example, you might do this when the PON TLVs are unreliable, perhaps because of some issue with the OLT. The preference option has no effect when the BNG receives attributes of only one access line type from the OLT.


The OLT might redundantly report the PON access line attributes both in PON TLVs and by overloading DSL TLVs. In this case, the DSL-Type TLV (0x91) is set to OTHER and PON rates for the access line are presented in the DSL TLVs, Actual-Net-Data-Rate-Upstream (0x81) and Actual-Net-Data-Rate-Downstream (0x82).


preference dsl

Specifies that the router saves and processes DSL TLVs from the DSL-Line-Attributes TLV 0x04. The router discards the PON-Access-Line-Attributes TLV (0x12) and the PON TLVs that it contains.

preference pon

Specifies that the router saves and processes PON TLVs from the PON-Line-Attributes TLV 0x12. The router discards the DSL-Access-Line-Attributes TLV (0x04) and the DSL TLVs that it contains.

  • Default: pon

Required Privilege Level

routing—To view this statement in the configuration.

routing-control—To add this statement to the configuration.

Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 19.3R1.