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alg (Applications)


Hierarchy Level


Define individual Application Layer Gateway (ALG).

The twamp application protocol is introduced Junos OS Release 18.2R1.


ALG supports the following application protocols:

  • dns —Domain Name Service

  • ftp —File Transfer Protocol

  • ftp-data —Trace FTP Data Session

  • gprs-gtp-c —GPRS Tunneling Control Plane

  • gprs-gtp-u —GPRS Tunneling User Plane

  • gprs-gtp-v0 —GPRS Tunneling Version 0

  • gprs-sctp —GPRS Stream Control Protocol

  • http —Hypertext Transfer Protocol

  • https —Hypertext Transfer Protocol

  • ignore—Ignore application type

  • ike-esp-nat —IKE ESP NAT application protocol

  • mgcp-ca —Media Gateway Control Protocol with Call Agent

  • mgcp-ua —MGCP with User Agent

  • ms-rpc —Microsoft RPC

  • none —Bypass all ALG application protocols.

  • pptp —Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol

  • q931 —ISDN connection control protocol (Q.931)

  • ras —Remote Access Service

  • realaudio —RealAudio

  • rsh —UNIX remote shell services

  • rtsp —Real-Time Streaming Protocol

  • sccp —Skinny Client Control Protocol

  • sip—Session Initiation Protocol

  • smtp —Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

  • sqlnet-v2 —Oracle SQLNET v2

  • ssh —Secure Shell Protocol

  • sun-rpc —Sun Microsystems RPC

  • talk—TALK program

  • telnet —Telnet Protocol

  • tftp —Trivial File Transfer Protocol

  • twamp—Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol

Required Privilege Level

system—To view this statement in the configuration.

system-control—To add this statement to the configuration.

Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 8.5.