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Hierarchy Level


Enable advertisement and/or reception of multiple paths to a destination to/from the same BGP peer, instead of advertising/receiving only the active path to/from the same BGP peer.


The minimum configuration for the send side is add-path send path-count <n>. The configuration for the receive side is add-path send receive.

You cannot just configure add-path. You must configure at least one send/receive. (If you attempt to configure only add-path, it will fail.) If only send/receive is configured, the corresponding support is enabled: send for advertisement of add-path routes and receive for reception of add-path routes.


The effective receive/send add-path state of a BGP session depends on the add-path capability advertisement from both the ends. That is, if R1 configures send, but R2 doesn't configure receive, then R1 will not send add-path to R2.


On PTX1000 devices, the add-path configuration statement is not supported under routing instances.



Enable the router to receive multiple paths to a destination. You can enable the router to receive multiple paths from specified neighbors or from all neighbors.

The remaining statement is explained separately. See CLI Explorer or click a linked statement in the Syntax section for details.

Required Privilege Level

routing—To view this statement in the configuration.

routing-control—To add this statement to the configuration.

Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 11.3.

Support for range from 2 through 20 (for BGP) introduced in Junos OS Release 14.1.

multipath option introduced in Junos OS Release 16.1R2.

Support for 64 BGP add-paths introduced in Junos OS Release 18.4R1 for the MX Series.

include-backup-path and path-selection-mode options introduced in Junos OS Release 18.4R1 for the MX Series and PTX Series.