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show cos halp flow queue-stats



Show statistics for a slice. Note that statistics for a slice are shown at the PFE level. The <slice-index> is assigned to the slice. It is like the IFD-index which is dynamically assigned by the system. You can use “show class-of-service forwarding-table slice” CLI to get the slice-index value for a given slice name.


  • Number - display flow queue statistics for a slice index

  • All - display all flow queue statistics

Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

Table 1 lists the output fields for the show cos halp flow queue-stats <slice-index> command.

Table 1: show cos halp flow queue-stats <slice-index> Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description


The slice index


Index assigned to the physical interface

Sample Output

show cos halp flow queue-stats <slice-index>

Release Information

Junos 22.2R1