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show system core dumps (Junos OS Evolved)



Show core files on all routers or switches running Junos OS Evolved. You use this command to show a list of system core files created when the device has failed, which can be useful for diagnostic purposes. Each list item includes the file permissions, number of links, owner, group, size, modification date, and path and filename.


For Junos OS Evolved, if dual Routing Engines are present, the command lists the core-dump files for both Routing Engines.

Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

The command displays a list of core-dump files. If a node does not have any core-dump files, then the command displays just the node name.

Sample Output

show system core-dumps (Dual-Routing Engine System, with Core Dump on only One Routing Engine)

The output shows that there aren't any core-dump files on node RE0, but node RE1 has one core-dump file.

show system core-dumps (Dual-Routing Engine System, with Core Dumps on both Routing Engines)