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show services paa status



Get the status of the Paragon Active Assurance (PAA) test agent. Because the test agent software is in a Docker container, the states reported with this command are the same as the states reported by a docker inspect command.

Additional Information

You can also use NETCONF to get the status of the PAA test agent:

Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

Table 1 lists the output fields for the show services paa status command.

Table 1: show services paa status Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

Container Status

Status of the PAA test agent and its Docker container. The possible statuses are:

  • Created—The Docker container was never started; the container is not using any CPU or memory.

  • Running—The PAA test agent is running inside the container.

  • Restarting—The container is restarting.

  • Exited—The PAA test agent has exited or encountered an exception and is no longer operational. This status also occurs if someone has stopped the container with the docker stop command. The container is not using any CPU or memory.

  • Paused—The container has been paused with the docker pause command. The container is still occupying memory, but the CPU has been released.

  • Dead—The container is not working. Often, a container stops working when we try to remove the container and some resources are still in use by an external process. The container is not using any memory or CPU. You cannot restart a dead container. You must uninstall the test agent and re-install.

Control Center

IP address or DNS hostname of the PAA Control Center to which this test agent reports.


If dead is true, then the Docker container is dead and the test agent needs to be uninstalled and installed again. This field is false if the Docker container is operational.

Finished At

Time of the last exit. If the Docker container is running normally, nothing has exited, and so this field shows zeroes. If this field is non-zero, you need to check the log messages to understand why.


Name of the Docker container image and the PAA version number.


If true, the Docker container was not created because the system did not have enough memory to add a new container. See Running Third-Party Applications in Containers for information about the default limits for memory and other resources that Docker containers can use from Junos OS Evolved.


If true, the container was paused with the docker pause command.


Process ID for this PAA test agent. If Pid is 0, the test agent did not install, possibly due to an incorrect password or user name for the PAA Control Center.


If true, the container is restarting. The most common cause is incorrectly specifying your PAA Control Center credentials when installing the PAA test agent. Check the log messages to understand why. When the test agent fails to connect to the PAA Control Center, the container goes into Restarting state, because the test agent exits if the connection fails and the container is set to always restart.


If false, the Docker container is not running. Check the Status field or log messages to understand why.

Started At

The time at which the Docker container was started.


Shows the installation status of the PAA test agent.The possible statuses are: Uninstalling, Uninstalled, Installing, Installed.

Sample Output

show services paa status

show services paa status with debug log messages (test agent was installed with the ta-debug option)

show services paa status with log messages showing a failed install because the address for the Control Center is incorrect

show services paa status with log messages showing a failed install because the user name or password was incorrect

Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Evolved Release 22.3R1.