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show security idp attack attack-list policy



Display a list of all attacks that belong to a specified IDP policy.

Specify any configured IDP policy name to determine the attacks available in that particular IDP policy.


policy Default—Specify the default IDP policy name.

predefined-policy policy-name—Specify the predefined IDP policy name.

predefined-group group-name—Specify the predefined IDP policy group name.

recursive—Recursively search through nested policies and attack-groups.

Required Privilege Level


With just Rule base IDP Attacks Configured

show security idp attack attack-list policy Default

Check attack-list against the default policy.

Sample Output

With both Rule Base and Rule Base Exempt Configured

run show security idp attack attack-list predefined-group FTP

Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 18.4R1.