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show route aspath-regex


Syntax (EX Series Switches)


Display the entries in the routing table that match the specified autonomous system (AS) path regular expression.



Regular expression that matches an entire AS path.

logical-system (all | logical-system-name)

(Optional) Perform this operation on all logical systems or on a particular logical system.

Additional Information

You can specify a regular expression as:

  • An individual AS number

  • A period wildcard used in place of an AS number

  • An AS path regular expression that is enclosed in parentheses

You also can include the operators described in the table of AS path regular expression operators in the Junos Policy Framework Configuration Guide. The following list summarizes these operators:

  • {m,n}—At least m and at most n repetitions of the AS path term.

  • {m}—Exactly m repetitions of the AS path term.

  • {m,}m or more repetitions of the AS path term.

  • *—Zero or more repetitions of an AS path term.

  • +—One or more repetitions of an AS path term.

  • ?—Zero or one repetition of an AS path term.

  • aspath_term | aspath_term—Match one of the two AS path terms.

    When you specify more than one AS number or path term, or when you include an operator in the regular expression, enclose the entire regular expression in quotation marks. For example, to match any path that contains AS number 234, specify the following command:

Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

For information about output fields, see the output field table for the show route command.

Sample Output

show route aspath-regex (Matching a Specific AS Number)

show route aspath-regex (Matching Any Path with Two AS Numbers)

Release Information

Command introduced before Junos OS Release 7.4.