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show pfe feb



(M5 and M10 routers only) Display Packet Forwarding Engine Forwarding Engine Board (FEB) status and statistics information.


This command has no options.

Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

Table 1 lists the output fields for the show pfe feb command. Output fields are listed in the approximate order in which they appear.

Table 1: show pfe feb Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

FEB status

Status of FEB:

  • Slot—FEB slot number.

  • State—State of the FEB:

    • Offline—FEB is powered down.

    • Online—FEB is operational and running.

    • Check—FEB is in alarmed state where the Switch Interface Board (SIB) plane is partially operational for the following reasons:

      • FEB is not inserted properly.

      • Two or more links between the FEB and Packet Forwarding Engine fail.

  • Last State Change—Date and time the CFEB state last changed.

  • Uptime (total)—How long the Routing Engine has been connected to the FEB and, therefore, how long the Flexible PIC Concentrator (FPC) has been up and running.

  • Failures—Number of PFE Peer detach failures.

  • Pending—Number of messages waiting to be sent.

  • Policer Drop Probability—Current policer drop probability. The default is high, and can be configured using the policer-drop-probability-low statement.

Peer message type receive qualifiers

  • Message Type—IPC Message Type. For example, interface and nexthop.

  • Receive Qualifier – Message receive qualifier for a peer (non-None only):

    • All

    • Only this slot

    • Selective slot

PFE listener statistics

PFE listener statistics:

  • Open—Number of times a peer was opened.

  • Close—Number of times a peer was closed.

  • Sleep—Number of times a thread slept.

  • Wakeup—Number of times wakeup was issued.

  • Resync Request—Number of resync requests.

  • Resync Done—Number of successful resyncs.

  • Resync Fail—Number of failed resyncs.

  • Resync Time—Time the resync last happened.

PFE IPC statistics

  • type—IPC Message Type.

  • TX Messages—Number of Tx messages.

  • RX Messages—Number of Rx messages.

PFE socket-buffer mbuf depth

  • bucket—Bucket number.

  • count—Number of messages in the bucket.

PFE socket-buffer bytes pending transmit

  • bucket—Bucket number.

  • count—Number of bytes pending transmit.

Sample Output

show pfe feb

show pfe feb

Release Information

Command introduced before Junos OS Release 7.4.