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show (ospf | ospf3) io-statistics


Syntax (EX Series Switch and QFX Series)


Display Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) input and output statistics.



Display OSPF input and output statistics.

logical-system (all | logical-system-name)

(Optional) Perform this operation on all logical systems or on a particular logical system.

Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

Table 1 lists the output fields for the show ospf io-statistics command. Output fields are listed in the approximate order in which they appear.

Table 1: show (ospf | ospf3) io-statistics Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

Packets read

Number of OSPF packets read since the last time the routing protocol was started.

average per run

Total number of packets divided by the total number of times the OSPF read operation is scheduled to run.

max run

Maximum number of packets for a given run among all scheduled runs.

Receive errors

Number of faulty packets received with errors.

Sample Output

show ospf io-statistics

Release Information

Command introduced before Junos OS Release 7.4.