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show multicast backup-pe-groups



Display backup PE router group information when ingress PE redundancy is configured. Ingress PE redundancy provides a backup resource when point-to-multipoint LSPs are configured for multicast distribution.



Display standard information about all backup PE groups.

address pe-address

(Optional) Display the groups that a PE address is associated with.

group group

(Optional) Display the backup PE group information for a particular group.

instance instance-name

(Optional) Display backup PE group information for a specific multicast instance.

logical-system (all | logical-system-name)

(Optional) Perform this operation on all logical systems or on a particular logical system.

Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

Table 1 describes the output fields for the show multicast backup-pe-groups command. Output fields are listed in the approximate order in which they appear.

Table 1: show multicast backup-pe-groups Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

Backup PE Group

Group name.

Designated PE

Primary PE router. Address of the PE router that is currently forwarding traffic on the static route.


Number of times that the designated PE router has transitioned from the most eligible PE router to a backup PE router and back again to the most eligible PE router.

Last Transition

Time of the most recent transition.

Local Address

Address of the local PE router.

Backup PE List

List of PE routers that are configured to be backups for the group.

Sample Output

show multicast backup-pe-groups

Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 9.0.