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show mpls label usage



Show the available label space resource in RPD and also the applications that use the label space in RPD. There are four different label spaces currently used in MPLS—namely LSI, dynamic, block, and static. Each label space has a fixed number and cannot grow beyond the fixed value. Using this command, the administrator can monitor the available labels in each label space and the applications that are using the labels. Based on the availability of labels, the administrator can decide to stop any service and free some labels or use other service where the labels are available.

Starting in Junos OS Release 17.2, you can configure the enhanced-ip command, which is supported on platforms using Modular Port Concentrators (MPCs) equipped with Junos Trio chipsets. You can also separate the MPLS labels used for different label spaces which provides more flexibility and scalability.

When you set each member router’s network services to enhanced-ip, only MPC or Modular Interface Cards (MICs) modules and Multiservices Dense Port Concentrator (MS-DPC) modules are powered on in the chassis. Non-service DPCs do not work with enhanced IP network services.



Display the available labels in each label space and the applications using the labels.

label label value

(Optional) Display the information about which label value is used by which protocol, if any.

label-range range-start range-end

(Optional) Display the complete information about the label-range specified. WIth the enhanced-ip command enabled on the supported device, effective ranges and configured ranges along with details of different label spaces such as LSI, dynamic, block, and static types are displayed.

logical-system (all |logical-system-name)

(Optional) Perform this operation on all logical systems or on a particular logical system.

Additional Information

Once the label space crosses the threshold, a new syslog message is added.

<label-space-name> label space usage crossed threshold limit of 90%.

For instance, LSI label space usage crossed threshold limit of 90%.

Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

Table 1 describes the output fields for the show mpls label usage command. Output fields are listed in the order in which they appear.

Table 1: show mpls label usage Fields

Field Name

Field Description

Label Space

Indicates the different types of labels currently used in MPLS.


Indicates the total label space available.


Indicates the number of freely available labels and also the percentage of the label space available.


Indicates the applications that use the MPLS label spaces.

Effective Ranges

Indicates actual ranges in use, which can be different from configured ranges, if conflicting with label already allocated.

Configured Ranges

Indicates the currently configured range assigned to different label spaces on the device.

Sample Output

show mpls label usage

With enhanced-ip enabled on the supported device, you get the following additional output.

Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 15.1.

Support for the label statement added in Junos OS Release 17.2.

Support for the label-range statement added in Junos OS Release 17.2.