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show mac-vrf forwarding vxlan-tunnel-end-point esi



Displays the Ethernet segment identifier (ESI) information about VXLAN tunnel end-points (VTEPs).


We've implemented the show mac-vrf commands on all supported platforms. If a particular platform doesn't support a specific sub-command or option, when you run the command, the output is empty. For example, show mac-vrf forwarding age is available only on MX Series platforms. If you run that command on any other supported platform, the output is empty.



Display information about the VTEP.

esi-identifier esi-identifier

(Optional) Display information about the specified Ethernet segment identified by the ESI value.

instance instance

(Optional) Display ESI information about the specified routing instance.


(Optional) Display the shared VXLAN load-balancing next hop (SVLBNH) index for a given ESI and instance.

You must use this option in conjunction with both the esi-identifier and instance options. For detailed information about a particular SVLBNH index, see show ethernet-switching vxlan-tunnel-end-point svlbnh.

Additional Information

On MX Series routers and the EX9200 line of switches, this command hierarchy is an alias for the show l2-learning vxlan-tunnel-end-point command hierarchy.

On QFX Series switches, this command hierarchy is an alias for the show ethernet-switching vxlan-tunnel-end-point command hierarchy.

Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

Table 1: show mac-vrf forwarding vxlan-tunnel-end-point esi Output Fields
Field Name Field Description

Ethernet segment identifier


Routing instance in which you have configured the ESI

VLBNH VXLAN load balancing next hop.
INH Indirect next hop
ESI-IFL ESI logical interface
LOC-IFL Local logical interface for a given Ethernet segment

Number of remote VTEPs


IP address of the remote VTEP


Index number of the remote VTEP.


VXLAN encapsulated composite next hop

MASK-ID Position of the remote VTEP in the ESI mask. Each remote VTEP is assigned a unique position.
FLAGS Internal flags used for debugging. The flags help to identify the state of the remote VTEP.
MAC-COUNT Count of MACs learned on the remote VTEP for a given ESI.

Index number of the SVLBNH.

Sample Output

show mac-vrf forwarding vxlan-tunnel-end-point esi

Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 20.4R1.