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show log


Syntax (QFX Series and OCX Series)

Syntax (TX Matrix Router)


List log files, display log file contents, or display information about users who have logged in to the router or switch.


On MX Series routers, modifying a configuration to replace a service interface with another service interface is treated as a catastrophic event. When you modify a configuration, the entire configuration associated with the service interface—including NAT pools, rules, and service sets—is deleted and then re-created for the newly specified service interface. If there are active sessions associated with the service interface that is being replaced, these sessions are deleted and the NAT pools are then released, which leads to the generation of the NAT_POOL_RELEASE system log messages. However, because NAT pools are already deleted as a result of the catastrophic configuration change and no longer exist, the NAT_POOL_RELEASE system log messages are not generated for the changed configuration.



List all log files.

<all-lcc | lcc number | scc>

(Routing matrix only)(Optional) Display logging information about all T640 routers (or line-card chassis) or a specific T640 router (replace number with a value from 0 through 3) connected to a TX Matrix router. Or, display logging information about the TX Matrix router (or switch-card chassis).


(QFabric system only) (Optional) Display log messages for only one of the following device types:

  • director-device—Display logs for Director devices.

  • infrastructure-device—Display logs for the logical components of the QFabric system infrastructure, including the diagnostic Routing Engine, fabric control Routing Engine, fabric manager Routing Engine, and the default network Node group and its backup (NW-NG-0 and NW-NG-0-backup).

  • interconnect-device—Display logs for Interconnect devices.

  • node-device—Display logs for Node devices.


If you specify the device-type optional parameter, you must also specify either the device-id or device-alias optional parameter.

(device-id | device-alias)

If a device type is specified, display logs for a device of that type. Specify either the device ID or the device alias (if configured).


(Optional) Display the log messages in the specified log file. For the routing matrix, the filename must include the chassis information.


The filename parameter is mandatory for the QFabric system. If you did not configure a syslog filename, specify the default filename of messages.

user <username>

(Optional) Display logging information about users who have recently logged in to the router or switch. If you include username, display logging information about the specified user.

Required Privilege Level


Sample Output

show log

show log filename

show log filename (QFabric System)

show log user

show log accepted-traffic (SRX4600, SRX5400, SRX5600, and SRX5800)

Release Information

Command introduced before Junos OS Release 7.4.

Option device-type (device-id | device-alias) is introduced in Junos OS Release 13.1 for the QFX Series.