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show isis overview


Syntax (EX Series Switches and QFX Series)


Display IS-IS overview information.



Display standard overview information about IS-IS for all routing instances.

instance instance-name

(Optional) Display overview information for the specified routing instance.

logical-system (all | logical-system-name)

(Optional) Perform this operation on all logical systems or on a particular logical system.

Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

Table 1 lists the output fields for the show isis overview command. Output fields are listed in the approximate order in which they appear.

Table 1: show isis overview Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description


Name of the router.


Part of the ISO address of the routing device.


The area number of the routing device.


IS-IS routing instance.

Router ID

Router ID of the routing device.

Adjacency holddown

Adjacency holddown capability: enabled or disabled.

Maximum Areas

Maximum number of IS-IS areas advertised by the routing device.

LSP life time

Lifetime of the link-state PDU, in seconds.

Filter low life time LSPs up to

LSPs with a lifetime lower than this value are filtered out.

Attached bit evaluation

Attached bit capability: enabled or disabled.

SPF delay

Delay before performing consecutive shortest-path-first (SPF) calculations.

SPF holddown

Delay before performing additional SPF calculations after the maximum number of consecutive SPF calculations is reached.

SPF rapid runs

Maximum number of SPF calculations that can be performed in succession before the holddown timer begins.

Overload bit at startup is set

Overload bit capability is enabled.

Overload high metrics

Overload high metrics capability: enabled or disabled.

Allow internal prefix overloading

Allow internal prefixes to be advertised with high metric: enabled or disabled

Allow external prefix overloading

Allow external prefixes to be advertised with high metric: enabled or disabled

Overload timeout

Time period after which overload is reset and the time that remains before the timer is set to expire.

Traffic engineering

Traffic engineering capability: enabled or disabled.


Graceful restart capability: enabled or disabled.

Restart duration

Time period for complete reacquisition of IS-IS neighbors.

Helper mode

Graceful restart helper capability: enabled or disabled.


IS-IS level:

  • 1—Level 1 information

  • 2—Level 2 information

IPv4 is enabled

IP Protocol version 4 capability is enabled.

IPv6 is enabled

IP Protocol version 6 capability is enabled.

Micro-loop avoidance

Micro-loop avoidance is enabled. Generally adjacent nodes converge faster than neighboring nodes causing traffic to loop. A route convergence delay is configured to avoid such micro loops.

Internal route preference

Preference value of internal routes.

External route preference

Preference value of external routes.

Prefix export limit

Number of prefixes allowed to be exported, as configured by the prefix-export-limit statement.

Prefix export count

Number of prefixes exported.

Wide area metrics are enabled

Wide area metrics capability is enabled.

Narrow metrics are enabled

Narrow metrics capability is enabled.

Adjacency holddown is active

IS-IS adjacencies come up one after another when adjacency holddown is enabled.


Indicates the SRv6 capability of the device.


END-SID is attached to this locator address.


Function for the prefix segments.


Behavior of the END-SID function. This field can have the following values:

  • PSP—Penultimate segment pop of the segment routing header (SRH).

  • USP—Ultimate segment pop of the SRH.

  • USD—Ultimate segment decapsulation of the SRH.

Sample Output

show isis overview



Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 8.5.