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show interfaces media



Display media-specific information about all configured network interfaces.


show interfaces media lists details for all interfaces, whereas show interfaces media interface-name lists details only for the specified interface.


This command has no options.

Additional Information

Output from both the show interfaces interface-name detail and the show interfaces interface-name extensive commands includes all the information displayed in the output from the show interfaces media command.

Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

The output from the show interfaces media command includes fields that display interface media-specific information. These fields are also included in the show interfaces interface-name command for each particular interface type, and the information provided in the fields is unique to each interface type.

One field unique to the show interfaces media command is interface-type errors (for example, SONET errors). This field appears for channelized E3, channelized T3, channelized OC, E1, E3, SONET, T1, and T3 interfaces. The information provided in this output field is also provided in the output from the show interfaces interface-name command. (For example, for SONET interfaces, these fields are SONET section, SONET line, and SONET path). For a description of errors, see the chapter with the particular interface type in which you are interested.

Sample Output

show interfaces media (SONET/SDH)

The following example displays the output fields unique to the show interfaces media command for a SONET interface (with no level of output specified):

show interfaces media (MX Series Routers)

show interfaces media (PTX Series Packet Transport Routers)

Release Information

Command introduced before Junos OS Release 7.4.

Command introduced on PTX Series Packet Transport Routers for Junos OS Release 12.1.