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show igmp snooping membership



Display the multicast group membership information maintained by IGMP snooping.



Display the multicast group membership information about all VLANs on which IGMP snooping is enabled.

brief | detail

(Optional) Display the specified level of output. The default is brief.


On QFX Series switches, the output is the same for eitherbrief or detail levels.

instance routing-instance-name

(Optional) Display the multicast group membership information about the specified routing instance.

interface interface-name

(Optional) Display the multicast group membership information about the specified interface.

vlan (vlan-id | vlan-name)

(Optional) Display the multicast group membership for the specified VLAN.

bridge-domain bridge-domain-name

(Optional) Display information about a particular bridge domain.

group group-name

(Optional) Display information about this group address.

logical-system logical-system-name

(Optional) Display information about a particular logical system, or type ’all’.

virtual-switch virtual-switch-name

(Optional) Display information about a particular virtual switch. You can also use this option to display IGMP snooping information about a particular routing instance of type mac-vrf.

vlan-id vlan-identifier

(Optional) Display information about a particular VLAN.

Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

Table 1 lists the output fields for the show igmp snooping membership command. Output fields are listed in the approximate order in which they appear.

Table 1: show igmp snooping membership Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

Level of Output


Name of the VLAN.



Routing instance for IGMP snooping.

All levels

Learning Domain

Learning domain for snooping.

All levels


Interface on which this router is a proxy.


Data-forwarding receiver: yes

(EX Series switches with Enhanced Layer 2 Software (ELS) only) VLAN associated with the interface is configured as a data-forwarding multicast receiver VLAN using multicast VLAN registration (MVR).


Interfaces configured on MVR receiver VLANs are listed under the associated MVR source VLAN (MVLAN) for which the interface forwards multicast streams.

All levels

Up Groups or Groups

Number of active multicast groups attached to the logical interface.

All levels


(Not displayed on QFX Series switches) IP multicast address of the multicast group.

The following information is provided for the multicast group:

  • Last reporter—Last host to report membership for the multicast group.

  • Receiver count—Number of hosts on the interface that are members of the multicast group (field appears only if immediate-leave is configured on the VLAN), or number of interfaces that have membership in a multicast group.

  • Uptime—Length of time (in hours, minutes, and seconds) a multicast group has been active on the interface.

  • timeout—Time (in seconds) left until the entry for the multicast group is removed from the multicast group if no membership reports are received on the interface. This counter is reset to its maximum value when a membership report is received.

  • Flags—The lowest IGMP version in use by a host that is a member of the group on the interface.

  • Include source—Source addresses from which multicast streams are allowed based on IGMPv3 reports.


Group Mode

Mode the SSM group is operating in: Include or Exclude.

All levels


Source address used on queries.

All levels

Last reported by

Address of source last replying to the query.

All levels

Group Timeout

Time remaining until a group in exclude mode moves to include mode. The timer is refreshed when a listener in exclude mode sends a report. A group in include mode or configured as a static group displays a zero timer.

All levels


Length of time (in seconds) left until the entry is purged.



Way that the group membership information was learned:

  • Dynamic—Group membership was learned by the IGMP protocol.

  • Static—Group membership was learned by configuration.

All levels

Include receiver

Source address of receiver included in membership with timeout (in seconds).


Sample Output

show igmp snooping membership

show igmp snooping membership (SRX1500)

show igmp snooping membership detail (SRX1500)

show igmp snooping membership (Exclude Mode)

show igmp snooping membership interface ge-0/1/2.200

show igmp snooping membership vlan-id 1

show igmp snooping membership (ELS EX Series switches with MVR)

show igmp snooping membership <detail> (QFX5100 switches—same output with or without detail option)

Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 8.5.