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show forwarding-options load-balance ecmp|trunk




Display hash parameters used by the hashing algorithm and the final egress interface for the traffic you�re interested in. Use the command for ECMP (Layer 3 load balancing) or for aggregated Ethernet interfaces (Layer 2 load balancing). Use these commands to troubleshoot issues for which you need to know the packet path.


The show forwarding-options load-balance option is not available in Junos EVO.


Some options are required. If you do not specify those required options when you enter the command, you are provided with an error message that tells you that you must provide a value for the field. The required options are shown in boldface text in the preceding Syntax sections and are marked as �(Required)� in the following Options section.

To use this command, specify one of the ipv4, ipv6, or l2 required options, with the choice of that option based on the hash mode that is configured on the switch. Check the hash-mode value by using the show forwarding-options enhanced-hash-key command. By default, the hash mode is layer2-payload. When the hash mode is layer2-payload, specify the l2 option for Layer 2 packets (ARP, STP, and so on), the ipv4 option for IPv4 packets, and the ipv6 option for IPv6 packets. When the hash mode is layer2-header, specify the l2 option for all types of packets. Next, provide valid inputs for Hash settings that are marked Yes in the show forwarding-options enhanced-hash-key command output. A value of 0 (zero) is automatically supplied for input for Hash settings fields that are marked as No in the same command output.


You do not need to provide input for fields such as ECMP Next-hop and Next-hop ID/Type (see these in the sample later in this document). Values for those fields are provided automatically.


destination-ip destination-ip

(Required) Destination IP address.

destination-ipv4-address destination-ipv4-address

(Required) Destination IPv4 address.

destination-ipv6-address destination-ipv6-address

(Required) Destination IPv6 address.

destination-mac destination-mac

(Required) Destination MAC address.

egress-ae-interface interface

Egress aggregated Ethernet LAG interface�the LAG bundle to which the traffic is destined.

ether-type ethertype

Ethertype value.

ingress-interface interface

(Required) Ingress interface�the network-facing interface where packets enter the switch.


(Required) IPv4 packets.


(Required) IPv6 packets.


(Required) Layer 2 packets (such as ARP or STP) when the hash mode is layer2-payload. All packet types when the hash mode is layer2-header.

l4-destination-port l4-destination-port

Layer 4 destination port number.

l4-source-port l4-source-port

Layer 4 source port number.

next-header next-header

Next header, as an integer value. Specifies the type of the next header for an IPv6 packet. This field usually specifies the transport layer protocol used by a packet's payload. When extension headers are present in the packet, this field indicates which extension header follows.

packet-type (broadcast | l2-multicast | l3-multicast|unicast |unknown-unicast)

Packet type: One of broadcast, l2-multicast, l3-multicast, unicast, or unknown-unicast.

protocol protocol

Protocol, as an integer value. The Protocol field in the IPv4 header contains a number indicating the type of data found in the payload portion of the datagram.

source-ip source-ip

(Required) Source IP address.

source-mac source-mac

(Required) Source MAC address.

vlan-id vlan-id


Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

Table 1 lists the output fields for the show forwarding-options load-balance ecmp and show forwarding-options load-balance trunk commands. Output fields are listed in the order in which they appear.

Table 1: show forwarding-options load-balance ecmp or show forwarding-options load-balance trunk Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

Hash parameters

Hash parameters for the selected hash mode layer2-payload or layer2-header.

Hash result

Egress interface: interface-name: ECMP member or trunk member for the packet.

Sample Output

show forwarding-options load-balance ecmp ipv4

Release Information

Commands introduced in Junos OS Release 20.4R1.