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show class-of-service fragmentation-map



For Multiservices and Services PIC link services IQ interfaces (lsq) only, display fragmentation properties for specific forwarding classes.


This command has no options.

Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

Table 1 describes the output fields for the show class-of-service fragmentation-map command. Output fields are listed in the approximate order in which they appear.

Table 1: show class-of-service fragmentation-map Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

Fragmentation map

Name of the class of service (CoS) fragmentation map.


Index number of the CoS fragmentation map.

Forwarding class

Name of the associated forwarding class.

Fragmentation threshold

Maximum size of each multilink fragment.

No Fragmentation

Packets of this class are not fragmented.

Multilink Class

For multilink multiclass PPP only, the multilink class number corresponding to the forwarding class.

Sample Output

show class-of-service fragmentation-map

Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 7.5.