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show class-of-service



Display the class-of-service (CoS) information.

Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

Table 1 lists the output fields for the show class-of-service command. Output fields are listed in the approximate order in which they appear.

Table 1: show class-of-service Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

Level of Output

Forwarding class

The forwarding class configuration:

  • Forwarding class—Name of the forwarding class.

  • ID—Forwarding class ID.

  • Queue—Queue number.

  • Fabric Priority—Fabric priority: either high or low. The fabric priority determines which CoS ingress queues packets are sent to.

All levels

Code point type

The type of code-point alias:

  • dscp—Aliases for DiffServ code point (DSCP) values.

  • ieee–802.1—Aliases for IEEE 802.1p values.

  • inet-precedence—Aliases for IP precedence values.

  • exp—Aliases for experimental (EXP) values.

All levels


Names given to CoS values.

All levels

Bit pattern

Set of bits associated with an alias.

All levels


Name of the classifier.

All levels

Code point

Code-point values.

All levels

Loss priority

Loss priority assigned to specific CoS values and aliases of the classifier.

All levels

Rewrite rule

Name of the rewrite-rule.

All levels

Drop profile

Name of the drop profile.

All levels


Type of drop profile. EX Series switches support only the discrete type of drop profile.

All levels

Fill level

Percentage of queue buffer fullness of high packets beyond which high packets are dropped.

All levels


Name of the scheduler.

All levels

Transmit rate

Transmission rate of the scheduler.

All levels

Excess rate

Percentage of excess bandwidth traffic to share.

All levels

Buffer size

Delay buffer size in the queue.

All levels

Drop profiles

Drop profiles configured for the specified scheduler.

All levels


Transport protocol corresponding to the drop profile.

All levels


Name of the drop profile.

All levels

Queues supported

Number of queues that can be configured on the interface.

All levels

Queues in use

Number of queues currently configured.

All levels

Physical interface

Name of the physical interface.

All levels

Scheduler map

Name of the scheduler map.

All levels


Internal index of a specific object.

All levels

Sample Output

show class-of- service

show class-of-service rewrite-rule

Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 9.0.

EXP classifiers added in Junos OS Release 10.1 for EX Series switches.