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show chassis high-availability data-plane statistics



Display Multinode High Availability data plane statistics.

Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

Table 1: show chassis cluster data-plane statistics Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

Services Synchronized

  • Service name—Name of the service.

  • Translation context—Messages synchronizing Network Address Translation (NAT) translation context.

  • Incoming NAT—Messages synchronizing incoming Network Address Translation (NAT) service.

  • Resource manager—Messages synchronizing resource manager groups and resources.

  • DS-LITE create—Messages synchronizing DS-LITE create sessions.

  • Session create—Messages synchronizing session creation.

  • IPv6 session create—Messages synchronizing IPv6 session create sessions.

  • IPv4/6 session RTO ACK—Messages synchronizing IPv4/6 session RTO ACK sessions.

  • Session close—Messages synchronizing session close.

  • IPv6 session close—Messages synchronizing IPv6 session close sessions.

  • Session change—Messages synchronizing session change.

  • IPv6 session change—Messages synchronizing IPv6 session change sessions.

  • ALG Support Library—Messages synchronizing ALG Support Library sessions.

  • Gate create—Messages synchronizing creation of pinholes (temporary openings in the firewall).

  • Session ageout refresh request—Messages synchronizing request session after age-out.

  • IPv6 session ageout refresh requests—Messages synchronizing IPv6 session ageout refresh requests.

  • Session ageout refresh replies—Messages synchronizing reply session after age-out.

  • IPv6 session ageout refresh replies—Messages synchronizing IPv6 session ageout refresh replies sessions.

  • IPsec VPN—Messages synchronizing VPN session.

  • Firewall user authentication—Messages synchronizing firewall user authentication session.

  • MGCP ALG—Messages synchronizing MGCP ALG sessions.

  • H323 ALG—Messages synchronizing H.323 ALG sessions.

  • SIP ALG—Messages synchronizing SIP ALG sessions.

  • SCCP ALG—Messages synchronizing SCCP ALG sessions.

  • PPTP ALG—Messages synchronizing PPTP ALG sessions.

  • JSF PPTP ALG—Messages synchronizing JSF PPTP ALG sessions.

  • RPC ALG—Messages synchronizing RPC ALG sessions.

  • RTSP ALG—Messages synchronizing RTSP ALG sessions.

  • RAS ALG—Messages synchronizing RAS ALG sessions.

  • MAC address learning—Messages synchronizing MAC address learning sessions.

  • GPRS GTP—Messages synchronizing GPRS GTP sessions.

  • GPRS SCTP—Messages synchronizing GPRS SCTP sessions.

  • GPRS FRAMEWORK—Messages synchronizing GPRS FRAMEWORK sessions.

  • JSF RTSP ALG—Messages synchronizing JSF RTSP ALG sessions.

  • JSF SUNRPC MAP—Messages synchronizing JSF SUNRPC MAP sessions.

  • JSF MSRPC MAP—Messages synchronizing JSF MSRPC MAP sessions.

  • DS-LITE delete—Messages synchronizing DS-LITE delete sessions.

  • JSF SLB—Messages synchronizing JSF SLB sessions.

  • APPID—Messages synchronizing APPID sessions.

  • JSF MGCP MAP—Messages synchronizing JSF MGCP MAP sessions.

  • JSF H323 ALG—Messages synchronizing JSF H323 ALG sessions.

  • JSF RAS ALG—Messages synchronizing JSF RAS ALG sessions.

  • JSF SCCP MAP—Messages synchronizing JSF SCCP MAP sessions.

  • JSF SIP MAP—Messages synchronizing JSF SIP MAP sessions.

  • PST_NAT_CREATE—Messages synchronizing PST NAT CREATE sessions.

  • PST_NAT_CLOSE—Messages synchronizing PST NAT CLOSE sessions.

  • PST_NAT_UPDATE—Messages synchronizing PST NAT UPDATE sessions.

  • JSF TCP STACK—Messages synchronizing JSF TCP STACK sessions.

  • JSF IKE ALG—Messages synchronizing JSF IKE ALG sessions.

Sample Output

show chassis high-availability data-plane statistics

Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 20.4R1.