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show chassis ethernet-switch



Display information about the ports on the Control Board (CB) Ethernet switch and accumulated Ethernet switch errors on an SRX Series Firewall.

Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

Table 1 lists the output fields for the show chassis ethernet-switch command. Output fields are listed in the approximate order in which they appear.

Table 1: show chassis ethernet-switch Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

Link is good on port n connected to device


Link is good on Fast Ethernet port n connected to device

Information about the link between each port on the CB's Ethernet switch and one of the following devices:

  • FPC0 (Flexible PIC Concentrator 0) through FPC7

  • Local controller

  • Routing Engine

  • Other Routing Engine (on a system with two Routing Engines)

  • SPMB (Switch Processor Mezzanine Board)

Speed is

Speed at which the Ethernet link is running.

Duplex is

Duplex type of the Ethernet link: full or half.

Autonegotiate is Enabled (or Disabled)

By default, built-in Fast Ethernet ports on a PIC autonegotiate whether to operate at 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps. All other interfaces automatically choose the correct speed based on the PIC type and whether the PIC is configured to operate in multiplexed mode.

Sample Output

show chassis ethernet-switch

show chassis ethernet-switch errors (SRX5600)

Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 9.2.